Standard Equipment

  • Rapid sweep cycle — to clear hopper
  • Top hopper door (lift frame cover)
  • Top hinged hydraulic rear door
  • Automatic rear door locks
  • Warning alarm
  • LED Light Package
  • Rear center-mounted stop light
  • Access door, curbside
  • Splash guards
  • Frame mounted oil reservoir — 50 gal. capacity mounted under body on chassis frame. Equipped with magnetic trap, oil level sight gauge, filler-breather cap, shut-off valve (suction line), and clean-out port
  • Filter — 150 GPM return line filter with visual indicator.
  • 149 micron suction strainer
  • FMCS Reg. 49 (CFR 393.86) rear underride guard (HLR33)
  • Packer lock-out — to prevent container dumping behind packer plate

Optional Equipment:

  • Curbside lift — with access door, streetside
  • Logic Controls
  • Remote lubrication system — 8 grease fittings on side of body to service 8 uppermost lubrication points on lift
  • Heavy duty body — 3/16 in. high tensile steel body shell and 1/4 in. high tensile steel floor sheets
  • Lift device for “Truxmore” type containers
  • Lift attachment for “Emco” type containers
  • Power take-off and live power drive options
  • Strobe light
  • Tool box
  • Container wash-out system — 80 gal. capacity. Equipped with hand-held sprayer or cab controlled sprayer

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