Dual Chamber Rear Loader

Pak-Mor’s performance-proven Rear Loader Series includes a Rear loader with two waste collection functions. The Next Logical Step in Rear Loader Evolution to Meet the Demands of Separation Refuse Collection and Recycling.

The Load Liner II Series Dual Chamber Rear Loaders address the demands of separated refuse collection and recycling without abandoning present day collection efficiencies gained through years of technological development of rear loading solid waste collection equipment. Pak-Mor’s Dual Chamber Rear Loaders are designed around the same performance-proven concepts embodied in all of Pak-Mor’s Rear Loader product family.


Whether the separation requirements are “recyclables” vs. non-recyclables or follage vs. garbage, the Load Liner II Dual Chamber Rear Loader can meet these requirements in one unit, eliminating the need for duplicating collection routes with single purpose vehicles of limited capabilities. Various bins intended for curbside sorting and collection can be combined with the Loadliner II body to create a unit with an even greater degree of on-route separate collection capabilities. Additionally, several container or cart handling systems are ready adaptable to the chambers’ hoppers, further increasing the units versitility. Whatever your separation requirements, Pak-Mor’s Load Liner II Dual Chamber Rear Loaders are the obvoius choice as the centerpiece of a rational and effi cient separated refuse collection system.

Standard Equipment

  • Skid-Resistant rear side steps with handrails
  • Automatic tailgate locks
  • LED light package
  • Rear mounted 5-lamp light bar
  • Mid-body marker/turn lights
  • Vehicle conspicuity sheeting
  • Warning alarm
  • Packer controls – postive lever type, split cycle with automatically actuated throttle, curbside
  • Ejection and tailgate lift controls – positive lever type with manually actuated throttle
  • Underbody oil reservoir – 70 gal. capacity mounted under front corner of body. Equipped with magnetic trap, oil level sight guage, filler-breather cap, shut off valve (suction line), and clean-out port
  • Filters – 150 GPM return line filter with visual indicator
  • Access doors

Optional Equipment

  • Power take-off and live power drive options
  • Container wash-out system – 80 gal. capacity. Equipped with handheld sprayer (chassis must have air supply)
  • Tool box – Hopper lights – Strobe light – Splash guards

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